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Are you ready to tackle your first ..
    Full IRONMAN distance?
    IRONMAN 70.3?
or, do you need help with your swim technique, nutrition, hydration, setting a new PR or finally getting on the podium?
Whatever your goal is, no matter where you live, let Coach Chuck guide you along your journey from Start 2 Finish.

S2F Endurance Coaching provides personalized triathlon and ultra-marathon coaching services customized to your unique abilities, experience, and goals.   

San Diego Triathlon Coaching

Triathon Coaching
San Diego Triathlon Coaching
San Diego Coaching
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San Diego Marathon Coaching
IRONMAN Triathlon Coach Chuck Olson

Why choose Start 2 Finish?

Experience and Knowledge

Chuck combines over 35 years of completing marathons and triathlons with his knowledge of exercise science and sports psychology to give you the best advice and guidance towards helping you achieve your goals.  In the over 100 endurance events Chuck has started, he has sucessfully finished every event.

Athlete Centered Coaching

Chuck's decisions and actions are always done with your best interest in mind, adapting to your style and your needs. Being retired, Chuck's schedule is open when you are, fitting in the day and time that works best for you. Weekday, weekend, day or evening sessions may be scheduled.

Affordable Coaching

After retiring from working 35 years in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, Chuck now has the opportunity to do what he loves, without worrying about how much he charges.  "It's more about helping others live their athletic dreams now"  Training packages start as low as $50 a month.

San Diego Triathlon Coaching
San Diego Triathlon Coaching
IRONMAN Triathlon Coach Chuck Olson
Oceanside Triathlon Coaching
North County Triathlon Coach
San Diego Triathlon coaching
San Diego marathon coaching

About Chuck Olson


In 2013, I moved to Oceanside where I spend my time training, volunteer coaching wounded service men and women and coaching other endurance athletes who are just beginning or looking to accomplish a new goal within their endurance sport.


Through the IRONMAN Coaching Certification course taken in 2016 and 2018, and 38 years of racing experience, I have developed the tools to coach athletes on proper technique in swimming, biking and running, sports nutrition and hydration, electrolyte replacement, stretching, weight training, training, injury prevention, racing, and recovery.  I also took the opportunity to go back to college and study the topic of sports psychology, which I learned is equally as important as the physical training.


One of the most satisfying rewards of being a marathon and triathlon coach is helping a beginner learn the sport and then watching them successfully complete their first race.  It is equally satisfying to see a more experienced athlete achieve a new PR.


After over 100 endurance events later, I am still finding enjoyment and challenges in getting to the starting line fully prepared and crossing the finish.



Coach Chuck's Philosophy and Approach



As a marathon and triathlon coach, I focus on providing positive reinforcement to my athletes, carefully listening to what and how they say things, incorporating two way communication, providing frequent and meaningful feedback, making myself highly available, and providing flexibility in training based on their changing needs and time constraints.  I am always happy to explain the reasoning behind my approach.  In the end, it's about the athlete's journey, not the coach's.  


I learned from my experience coaching our wounded service men and women with physical and psychological setbacks, that when there is desire and commitment, almost anything is possible regardless of our "natural abilities" or "physical or psychological limitations."  The human body and mind are far more capable of exceeding what you believe is possible.

San Diego Triathlon Coach Chuck Olson

2014 IRONMAN Canada


Triathlon Coach Chuck Olson

1994 Hawaii IRONMAN

Triathlon World Championship


Chuck's Endurance Experience


  • IRONMAN Certified Coach (2016-2020)

  • Never DNF (Did not finish) a race started, in over 100 events in 38 years. 

  • Completed over 30 full marathons and ultra-marathons

    • 3 time Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher

    • PR for the marathon - 3:11:27 (Calif. International Marathon)

    • PR for 50 miler - 9:09:48 (American River 50)


  • Completed over 50 triathlons

    • Hawaii IRONMAN Finisher - 12:35:23 

    • Finished 5 full Ironman distance races (1994-2014)

      • PR at Ironman distance - 11:59:52 (Vineman)

    • Finished 21 Ironman 70.3 distance races (1993-2018)

      • PR for 70.3 is 5:20:45 (Half Vineman)


San Diego Marathon and Triathlon Coach Chuck Olson




"Having done three IRONMAN 70.3 races, I knew I wanted to take the leap and do a full IRONMAN.  After speaking with about 5 different coaches in the San Diego area, I knew that S2F Endurance Coaching was right for me.  His approach and philosophy towards the sport, brought a fresh perspective to your everyday triathlete.  Chuck is very personal and easy to talk to, but also has the experience to back up his training plans and knowledge of the triathlon world.  He was able to put together a plan for me that took into account other life responsibilities I had going on, and worked with me on tailoring my training around everyday life, and my goals I had set out.  He was always very easy to get a hold of, and always willing to go above and beyond to make me feel like I was not just another person he was coaching. Everything was detailed and laid out for me to do my training session in the most efficient and effective way.  After training and being coached by Chuck for the last 6 months, I successfully completed IRONMAN Texas in April"


-Jenna, San Diego 

"I met Coach Olson this summer and have benefited from his in-depth knowledge on nutrition and hydration ever since.  When we met, I had just started training for my second Ironman distance.  My process was to consume when I felt the need and, never connected my lack of a plan with losing energy and effort during both long training sessions and races.  He has completely turned this around with concise plans and now, instead of struggling to finish I finish with energy.  I am also happy to report that, since working with Coach Olson, I have finished top 5 in both 70.3 and Olympic distance races.  Thank you Coach.  You have made a huge difference in my racing life. " 

- Gary, Carlsbad

"I contacted Chuck after deciding that I was ready to start training for triathlon races (with the ultimate goal of completing an Ironman). After hearing back from him almost immediately (and with great enthusiasm), there were two hurdles for me when deciding to make a commitment. One was that I am a complete novice in endurance sports; the second was that I am a graduate student in Florida and Chuck coaches in California! I decided to begin training with Chuck because of his long history of racing successes and coaching novice endurance athletes. I’ve stayed with Chuck because he has been an amazing remote coach! He provides workouts two weeks in advance and is constantly watching my progress and giving me feedback. We talk on the phone often and he recently coached me through completing my very first triathlon (ever!) which was a HUGE success." 

-Bonnie, Gainesville, Florida

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Marathon and Triathlon Coaching Services

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